What is Incident Response?

September 1, 2021, I Like to Hack Things hosted by Valcan_K

What’s up #SecurityNinjas! Have you ever heard of Incident Response? Incident Response is a very important career field within cybersecurity, and it can be a lot of fun. I had the opportunity to speak with Ryan Chapman about his many years of experience in Incident Response and cybersecurity. Ryan provides a ton of good information about skills, and some insights into the job interview process.

You’re Not Really Ready for Ransomware

  • August 4, 2021, Recorded Future Podcast


Mythical Malware Analysis

  • May 9, 2021, Positively Blue Team podcast hosted by BSDBandit and Understudy77

Tonight is part one of what I’m sure will be a whole series with the wonderful Ryan Chapman (rj_chap) and Mobius (@MalwareMobius) where we start to dig into the fundamentals of malware and malware analysis. Join us for this whole new world!


Ask Us Anything! Cyber Defense Live Q&A #2 – 05/07/2021

  • May 7, 2021, Blueprint Podcast Presented by John Hubbard

Come join Blueprint Podcast host John Hubbard, Justin Henderson, and a rotating cast of cyber defense and blue team expert guests in an informal hangout driven by, and based entirely on your questions! Anything goes – cyber defense, incident response, ransomware, APTs, threat intel, SOC management, defensive tools, analysis techniques and more! Hit the chat room and let us know what’s on your mind!

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SOC X – The Special

  • April 12, 2021, Positively Blue Team podcast hosted by BSDBandit and Understudy77

Welcome all to the first Positively Blue Team Special, every so often something happens that shines a spotlight on the world of the defenders and people in DFIR, and when those things come to the forefront we want to talk about them. So tonight we are here to talk about the SOC X World Championships (socx.io) which consisted of 50 teams coming from multiple parts of the world and industries all competing against each other for the title of SOC World Champion.

Join us with the folks who put it on from Recon Infosec (Whitney Champion -@shortxstack, Eric Capuano – @eric_capuano, and Samuel – @Valcan_K) and some folks from the winning team at Blackberry (Ryan Chapman – @rj_chap and Codi) as we go through the ins and outs of the competition, some of the scenarios, and advice for future competitors. This is a long one so buckle in and enjoy!


The Blue Teamer’s Blueprint for Malware Triage

  • March 30, 2021, SANS Blueprint Podcast hosted by John Hubbard

Even if you’re not a malware analyst, any blue teamer should be able to do some initial basic malware sample triage. The good news is that this is quite easy to do using freely available tools once you know what is available. Join John in this conversation with Ryan Chapman as they discuss how to reverse engineer malware and why you might want to do so.


Anatomy of a Breach

November, 2020, InSecurity podcast with Matt Stephenson

When is a breach a breach? When is it a data leak? When is it simply a server left exposed? On this edition of InSecurity, Matt Stephenson talks with veteran Incident Response Consultants John Wood and Ryan Chapman about what happens once the bad guys break in and what the good guys can and must do when dealing with the results of a cyber-attack. Plus: PORT 3389! Dig it…


The Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) Role

November, 2020, Cybersecurity Innovation Podcast hosted by Cody Hackett

Ryan Chapman is a very seasoned information security professional with experience across multiple domains like technical training, hands-on incident response, and security operations.

In this episode, we learn from Ryan about the role of a CIRT team, day in the life of an incident response analyst, red/blue/purple teaming, and all other general topics related to information security.